Biotherm VB4 - Eco Friendly, Non Toxic Heat Transfer Fluid for Biomass Heating Systems.

  • £69.17

Ecologically and Environmentally Friendly Non Toxic Heat Transfer Fluid with Antifreeze. Based on Refined Vegetable Extracts and ASTM D1384 proven Corrosion, Scale and Biological Inhibitors, for use in Biomass Heating Systems.

  • Summary - Rating: BSuitable for biomass boiler heating systems where low environmental impact and ecological sustainability is preferred. Average efficiency but lower in cost compared with MPG based fluids.

  • Efficiency - Rating: CSAverage thermal conductivity and high viscosity at sub-zero temperatures, results in lower heat transfer efficiency and increased energy demands when compared with Biotherm DTX and BE2.

  • Anti-Freeze - Rating: BProvides protection down to -50°C but more volume is required to achieve the same freeze-point protection compared with Biotherm DTX and BE2.

  • Corrosion Control - Rating: ALong-Life high temperature rated formulation with synergistic corrosion inhibitors to exceed ASTM D1384 standards. Also contains broad-spectrum biological inhibitors and polyacrylates to prevent scale precipitation.

  • Toxicity- Rating: AClassified as Non-Toxic and Food-Safe.

All concentrate product volumes are supplied in 5, 10, 20 & 25 Litre containers.
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